Athlete of the MonthOctober

Coe Allen

Years at CrossFit Perseverance: 2

Mother, Son, Community Growth, and Consistent Positive Results!

I happened upon CrossFit Perseverance via my son. I
was amazed that a gym could not only cater to a  teenage
boy, but transition to a middle-age woman without any
sort of lifting background. Each coach has a unique skill
set and personality to help me learn and grow in my fitness
capabilities. I love this box and the community of which
I have become a part!!

The coaches always told me that once I got my diet under control, I would see a lot of change in my performance.  I really didn’t think I could work any harder, but by taking her advice, I’ve seen a lot of changes the last 3 months in my strength and “PR-ability” that I probably wouldn’t have without their initial encouragement.  In my opinion, that’s what the coaches at CrossFit Perseverance do best.  They encourage us!  They challenge us, on the days we don’t want to be there, on the days we are PR-ing like crazy, and even on the days we just can’t do another rep.  I’m thankful for that encouragement and feel it is a HUGE reason this granny-turtle has made it through each and every WOD for the past 18+ months

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