Jared Higdon

Jared Higdon


  • CFL1


When I started Crossfit in 2016, my only intent was to be in shape. As a couple of years gone by I fell more in love with the sport and especially the people around me. This inspired me to venture out and get my Level 1 certification in 2018, for the love of helping people reach goals they never thought was possible.  
I am currently enrolled at Jefferson State Community College with the intent of receiving a degree and becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant. I recently had an aspiration of taking the sport of Crossfit more seriously and began training competitively so I can compete in many individual competitions. Competing in this sport is a difficult thing to do, but I want members to know that when you put in the time and effort your goals will come to fruition.  
What you as a member can expect from me is someone who is all in and determined to help YOU reach all your fitness goals. I inspire to be a coach each member can trust and count on to take their health and fitness and turn your goals and aspirations to reality. Keep your mind strong and STAY THE COURSE. 

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