Kaleb Burks

Kaleb Burks


  • CFL1


I started CrossFit because I needed to be a better version of myself for my health’s sake but also for my family. I was overweight with unhealthy eating habits and no exercise at all. My wife Jennifer had began her fitness journey with amazing results and she inspired me to do the same. In August of 2018 I started CrossFit and immediately felt at home, with a community of people that all share the same goals of being a better version of themselves for their health. All in all I lost 50 pounds and couldn’t have done it without the drive and support of my amazing wife and also CrossFit family.

I wanted to help people realize their potential and in August 2019 I received my L1 certification, beginning the process of becoming a coach at a local affiliate. In July 2021, we moved and my wife and I were trying to figure out where we needed to be. We dropped into CrossFit Perseverance and were welcomed like family and knew that’s where we wanted and needed to be.

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