Katie Alley

Katie Alley


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I walked into a Crossfit gym in August of 2019 to join a bootcamp style program they offered. I was a single mom looking for something to calm my mental storm, to give me an outlet from everyday stress and to become a healthier and stronger person. From day one I could not keep my eyes off the Crossfit athletes and in October of that year I did my very first Crossfit workout. I could barely do the scaled versions but it was amazing! I immediately fell in love and quickly gained a desire to share it with others. Although I was unable to be consistent for a few months during the crazy year of 2020 I still wanted to pursue it any way I could so I attended Crossfit Level 1 class in November. I found Crossfit Perseverance in January of 2021 and I am honored that I get to be part of this great team! My goal is to make sure that everyone that walks through the gym doors feels welcome, comfortable and leaves knowing they are better today than yesterday. I hope to give people a sense of empowerment that they can be the healthier person they want to be! All of us have our own story. We are all unique. At Perseverance we all come together and encourage and cheer each other on. It is so much fun to see people realize how much they can accomplish and to celebrate every step of that journey! 
I now have an incredible husband along with four very busy children. They all cheer me on in my own personal fitness and my coaching journey. 
Come see us at Crossfit Perseverance so we can cheer you on! 

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